Keagan Hoffman; Creator of The Chain Forces.

“I was born in Tokyo Japan, I started graphic design at an early age and this led me to do cover artworks and clothing designs, I was also in the big earthquake in Japan and that made me move to the US in 2012, my father is already American so I had a reason to live here”

Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?
The artistic life is actually more sociable, I met many people through my art!

What superpower would you have and why?
A super power I would love to have is teleportation, I will save so much Uber/gas/flight money and also I’m able to go to Japan (my homeland) a lot more frequently, not to mention I can also eat the food there which is really good.

What role does the artist have in society?
Artists have a lot of role in society, architect creates the building we see in our everyday life, graphic designers create the designs we see in our everyday life, sound designers creates sounds we hear in cars, phones and so on.

Professionally, what’s your goal?
My professional goal is to make graphic design my full occupation, and I’m planning on going to college for that get a degree, also I would love to have my own runway eventually in the future as well.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Best piece of advice given to me would be always take risk, because sometimes you may achieve something bigger taking risk.

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ISIS LETHAL – Individual Success In Society.

Isis Lethal is a brand based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Established in 2016 they continue to expand their movement and grow the brands focus to give back to the community. The brand was created by Tye & $ell (Phoenix natives). @tyeisis is the one behind Isis Lethal’s graphics and garments while $ell is more into music but contributes to the brand just as much as Tye.

Tye is working on a new collection, we weren’t able to say much about it but we can assure you it’s one to lookout for!


Ryder Studio’s Reveals Summer Graphic Tees & Functional Garments.

Founded by Jebidiyah Ryder, Ryder Studios is a brand originally based in Atlanta, GA. Jebidiyah is nothing short of a mastermind creating functional garments, graphic tees, shoes, and even Juul skins.

May 11th, 2019 Jebidiyah revealed two color ways (Black/White) for his graphic tees supposedly releasing May 24th, 2019. The design features mickey mouse dwelling two revolvers with a rope star around the figure.

A recent personal favorite of ours is the “FADED SKELETON DENIM” releasing May 31st. This release can be found on GKLAN.COM

Stay updated! @ryderstudios_ @jebidiyahryder

Lawrence Tailor; Street Wear With A Twist

Lawrence Tailor debut collection includes the contrasting Pegasus logo on jersey fabric T-shirt accompanied by the velvet monarch bow tie. Unlike other luxury brands Lawrence Tailor focuses on building dialect that communicates elegance and aesthetics.

The company is a partnership between @Sheriidann and @_DonCarlito.
Carlton Obidimma is the Chief Executive Officer of the company and Sheridan Bee is the Creative Director and curator of the designs. Based in Texas, the two created this ongoing collaboration because unlike other street wear start ups they provide high quality handmade garments. Assessing the youths need for more formal attire is certainly a company goal for the two.

“Myself being the Designer of Lawrence Tailor. I am able to express the changes in my personal closet rotation through each collection. Lawrence Tailor seeks to provide a “suitable” option for men and women who are looking for a state of comfort and extravagant lifestyle.”


Freeway Ferrari

Freeway Ferrari is a clothing designer born in Brooklyn, NY but around four years old he moved to Texas and eventually ended up in Arizona around the age of 12. Freeway wasn’t designing clothes since the start though. When Freeway was young he was really into sports then developed a passion for rapping. It wasn’t until the music when he found clothing design.

One day I wanted to work on some merch for myself and I just fell in love with the whole design process. I really sat down & taught myself photoshop and all that other stuff.

Freeway Ferrari

Freeway continues to tell me about how he got into designing stuff. He mentions how he’s trying to implement his most original ideas into his brand. We recently got a preview of his “Living Is Dying” blueprint…

The most essential tool or advice I can give is stay true to yourself. Don’t go out looking for the likes or trying to be the next biggest designer, be you and the people who like the things you have to bring will gravitate towards you. Never lose yourself or your brand trying to just make some quick cash.

Freeway Ferrari

Nothing Posse’s Latest Release

Zack from Nothing Posse is back again with another outstanding release. These two, inexpensive shirts are available now on NOTHING’s website.

Zack is a 25 year old brand owner from Howell, MI who’s continuously breaking boundaries and revealing eye catching pieces. Prior to this release we saw a collaboration with a brand called Failures. Primarily based out of the same area as Zack.

Image provided by NOTHING

Image provided by NOTHING

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Words With Hesh Cardiel

Who are you? Hesh Cardiel from Chicago.

How old are you? 6 Hunnid

Image provided by Hesh Cardiel.

Where are you from and where do you currently reside? From Chicago currently stayin Aurora.

You seem busy! Skateboarding? Music? What else? I’m always working on something new. Whether it’s working on merch, vlogs, modeling, or and finalizing this short film I wrote/directed.

When did skateboarding become a part of your life? I started skatin when I about 10.

How did skateboarding effect your lifestyle? It just made me wanna go harder in whatever I do. I matured fast when most of the homies I’d skate with were older and putting me on to what’s poppin to even how you dress. Kids used to talk down on people who wore thrasher or vans but now in 2019 it’s cool. Y’all know who you are.

Image provided by Hesh Cardiel

How was meeting Virgil Abloh? Honestly a blessing. Most genuine dude I’ve met in the fashion industry. He gave me some game and I’ll never forget it.

Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years? Not only living up to my real name (Famous), but being someone to show the kids they can do this too.

Who inspires you? The day ones, Tylor Fakie, Val South, and Komla. Freddy Mercury, GG Alin, Henry Rollins, and Chief Keef.

Arrival Worldwide

Spencer From Arrival Worldwide

Arrival Worldwide
Arrival Worldwide is a contemporary streetwear brand based out of Detroit, Michigan. Their releases include a wide array of major league style pieces from bleached jeans to rhinestone hoodies and t-shirts with original designs. Spencer Sanders is the designer and creator behind Arrival. He credits his Mom as his inspiration and says he expresses himself through his clothes. Arrival is designed for those who are willing to chase their dreams regardless of what uncertainty is in front of them. The brand’s latest drop included four men’s hoodies, eight t-shirts and a pair of sweatshorts. Hoodies include two colorways in the rhinestone bloody smiley face design, one colorway in the anarchy design and one colorway in their classic stitched Arrival logo. The t-shirts are original designs in dope colorways including some rhinestone designs as well.

“Inferno” hoodie

The designer also recently added a female section with four cropped hoodies to the website. Including three with rhinestone designs, inferno in one colorway and the bloody smiley face in two colorways, and one with their classic stitched Arrival logo. Make sure to check out their upcoming pop-ups at DMV in Arlington, Virginia on April 25th and at Atlanta Streetwear Market in Atlanta, Georgia on April 28th. Also, follow their social for updates on future drops and visit their site to see the clothes!
Instagram: @arrivalworldwide


Coby T. De Lucia
Twitter: @cobysays

Sam Nova, The Designer Behind AirProxy

Sam Nova is an artist from Riverside, CA. After moving around for awhile Sam is back in his hometown still re-adjusting to the environment and is working incredibly hard to get his brand AirProxy going. Sam started to gain an interest in creating something of his own after selling graphics to brands such as idestroyedtheyouth, The Acedia Project & Ghost Supply in 2016. People online would tell Sam he should start a brand and started getting several comments such as “put this on a shirt, I’d cop” on social his social media platforms (linked below).

When Sam released his first tee and hat he instantaneously fell in love with the process of creating clothing. “When your first idea for a piece of finally comes out perfectly after the 10th or 20th try the feeling is fucking amazing and you appreciate it so much more.” Sam is currently working on two one of one pieces for a store called Flasher on Melrose Ave, LA.

Sam Nova:

Instagram: @sno7a

Twitter: @sno7a